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Stabilized Aluminum Foam

Alusion™ – the various versions of stabilized aluminum foam can be used for external and internal panels as well as a myriad of other applications. Panels are available in three standard thicknesses– ½", 1" and 1.7" and two densities – small cell(X%) and large cell(Y%). The higher the density, the smaller the cell size and the heavier and more robust the material is.

There are five basic versions of Alusion™. They are:

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Alusion™ Natural - Small Cell

This comes naturally off our production line with a special shiny silver skin featuring a unique waved pattern on the top surface.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Alusion™ Open Cell One Side - Large Cell

The shiny silver skin on Alusion™ Natural is removed through a special blasting process and the cells underneath are exposed. This creates the Alusion™ Open Cell, which has also been described as an aluminum sponge. The density of this version is low (10%) which makes the size of the open cell big. Alusion™ Open Cell is the best of the finishes for providing excellent acoustic properties.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Alusion™ Open Cell One Side - Small Cell

This version is created in exactly the same way as Alusion™ Open Cell - Big Cell. However for this version a high density 15% is used. This makes the size of the open cells relatively smaller than the cell size of Alusion Open Cell - offering another unique look.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Alusion™ Open Both Sides - Large Cell (Translucent)

The shiny silver skin on both sides of low density material is removed to create the translucent panels. This finish is extremely lightweight and allows light to be transmitted through the material.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Alusion™ Natural - Large Cell

Alusion™ Natural large cell features a striking large "frozen molten bubble" look on the top surface. This material is particularly adept for interior applications. The bubbles can be collapsed by the intentional and direct force of a finger, so it is recommended that it be out of the reach of the public or otherwise protected (IE glass covered). Can be used for exterior applications where maintenance of bubble surface is not the intention, but a natural erratic closed and opened bubble, weathered material look is desired.


Alusion™ can be used in the following applications:

  • Wall Cladding
  • Showroom Displays 
  • Restaurants and Bars 
  • Offices and Apartment Buildings 
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Flooring
  • Signs 
  • Lighting 
  • Fixtures
  • Exhibits

Real Life Applications:

Here are some of the applications for which architects and designers have used Alusion™.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Wall Cladding

Alusion™ makes a statement as a dramatic new cladding for a feature wall or for cladding the entire exterior of a building. Its metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes, each of which offers a distinctive surface that cannot be exactly reproduced, can add a signature touch to any work of architecture. Visitors to the new Vancouver Convention Center will be greeted by a stunning LCD lit feature wall clad with 43MM translucent Alusion™

Aluminum Honeycomb Core


Alusion™ finishes may be used for creating designer ceilings. We can provide finished ceilings made of Alusion™, based on specific requirements.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core


Alusion™ has been used as walls, tabletops, and floor stands for exhibits and booths. The material can be used to construct the entire booth, actual walls of booths and display fixtures.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core


Alusion™ has been used in various forms in the retail sector. It can be used as wall cladding, giving a unique look to the in-store environment. Another major application area is the display fixture. Alusion™distinctive look lends itself to endless creative options.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core


Alusion™ can be used for outdoor signage for retail stores, hotels, buildings, etc. With the application of a marine-based powder, Alusion™ is readily adaptable to exterior use.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Architectural Blast

There is a very specific architectural use for Cymat’s aluminum foam, quite unique from typical aesthetic applications. The foam can be modified in densities and thicknesses, tailored to the customer’s needs, to mitigate the energy from bomb blast. It can be incorporated in walls, ceiling, and floors, or used to line structural elements as part of a subsystem to mitigate the structural damage of bomb blast and reduce the kinetic energy of fragments. This modified form of Alusion is branded under SmartShield and more information can be found at




Cymat in Your Industry

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Blast Mitigation


"SmartMetal™" is effective in absorbing large amounts of energy in an efficient lightweight recyclable package. It can be engineered into a wide range of applications to provide effective blast ballistic attenuation from an assortment of present and future threats. 

Based on independent testing completed in the United States, Cymat’s SmartMetal™ plays a key role in increasing troop survivability in today's conflicts. 

SmartMetal™'s cellular structure is the key to its large energy absorption capabilities. As a blast front hits SmartMetal™, the bubbles collapse, absorbing energy and attenuates the transfer of this destructive force to targeted vehicles or building structures and its occupants. 

This Canadian owned and developed technology is gaining global recognition as an integral solution against the war on terror.


SmartMetal™ Features:

Cymat's SmartMetal is a unique product that can provide the following key features:

  • Energy absorption
  • Multi-hit capabilities
  • Isotropic
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Improves structural integrity
  • Sound attenuating
  • Time and temperature stable
  • Cut to size using various means
  • Machinable
  • Can be laminated and coated into a composite kit

SmartMetal Specifications:

Density range (SI) : 0.14 g/cc to 0.58g/cc 

Density range (IMP.) : 8.74 lb/in3 to 36.21 lb/in3 

Density range (relative) : 5% to 21%  

Panel thickness (SI) : 9.5 mm to 75 mm  

Panel thickness (IMP.) : 3/8 in. to 3 in. 

Maximum Panel Dimensions (SI) : 1.2 m x 3.66m  

Maximum Panel Dimensions (IMP.) : 4ft x 12 ft

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Energy Absorption

The key to SmartMetal's energy absorbing properties is its cellular structure. 
When a blast wave impacts a panel of SmartMetal the cells/bubbles begin to fracture and compress. This act of compression absorbs energy and attenuates the impulse from transferring to a vehicle body or building structure. The stress-strain graph presented below outlines the typical compressive strength of a specific density of Cymat SmartMetal. Because of SmartMetal's isotropic features and the production process’ ability to adjust to a wide range of thicknesses and densities multi-hit capabilities can be designed into the product to increase the survivability level of the complete energy absorbing system. 

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

SmartMetal™ is manufactured into large dimensional panels for both interior and exterior blast attenuating systems as well as near-net shaped castings for more complex geometric volumes found in internal vehicle structures. 

Aluminum Honeycomb Core


Cymat Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF) is an innovative material with a combination of characteristics that can be engineered to provide solutions to the challenges facing automakers today. Particularly, Cymat SAF is a cost effective solution to address automotive companies' competing needs to lighten vehicles, yet improve crashworthiness and occupant protection. SAF is a lightweight material whose cellular structure provides superior energy absorption capabilities. These characteristics are becoming increasingly important as consumer demand and legislation require safer, more efficient, and easier to repair vehicles. 



  • Can be used on its own, as part of sandwich panel or a plastic composite


  • Collapses at relatively constant load over large displacements - ideal for absorbing energy
  • Non-directional - will absorb energy, regardless of direction
  • Does not release poisonous substances at high temperatures


  • In tubular extrusions - foam stabilizes structure & delays onset of failure, particularly in curved sections or sections experiencing bending loads
  • Optimizing tube wall thickness and foam density can minimize weight of structure

Consistent and Constant Material Properties

  • Constant properties over time, operating temperature and moisture range
  • Properties do not vary with speed of loading

Noise and Vibration Harshness

  • Good sound absorbing capabilities
  • Restricts sound transmission by up to 90%

Thermal Insulation

  • Non-combustible as set out in ASTM E136-92
  • Insulation R-values of 20-30

Environmental Impact

  • 100% recyclable
Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Some Specific Applications: 

Crash Box

  • Being considered by many European auto makers as a means of minimizing damage to a car in an accident
  • Foam-filled tube between bumper and frame of the body can absorb the energy of a low-speed impact before serious damage occurs

Reinforcing Pillars (A, B, C pillars, front rail, etc)

  • SAF in a pillar stabilizes the structure and allows it to absorb more energy


In all transportation industries a main goal in design is to make the vehicle safer. Potential applications for Cymat Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF) in terms of this goal include: 


  • Improving the energy management in the front ends of truck and trains
  • Improving the internal occupant protection in the passenger compartment
  • Protecting goods in transit

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Additional Applications

Cymat SAF Features: 

Cymat's SmartMetal™ is a unique product that can provide the following key features provides:

  • Energy absorbing
  • Multi-hit capabilities
  • Isotropic
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Improves structural integrity
  • Sound attenuating
  • Stability with time and temperature
  • Cut to size using various mea
  • Machinable
  • Can be laminated and coated
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