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The materials, which are traditionally used in the construction sector and which are glued to structural sandwich panels, are opening the way to innovative architectural solutions in the building and construction industry. The use of honeycomb cores in sandwich panels makes it possible to significantly reduce the weight of structures while enhancing the mechanical specifications of the skin of the sandwich at the same time. Consequently, this combination is used to make load-bearing and self-supporting structures (floors, floors on pedestals, staircase steps, etc.)

These vertically applied sandwich panels (partitions, outer walls, etc), which are as thick as traditional solutions and covered with a skin (granite, marble, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, plywood etc.) are much easier to move and handle given their very low weight. They have additional benefits such as the absorption of vibrations, shock resistance and good thermal insulation properties.

Honeycomb cores are used in interior decoration for traditional or designer furniture and will be appreciated not only for their reduced weight, but also for the vast range of shapes and enhanced options available (thin slices of natural stone, wood, aluminum, etc.)


Decorative structures
For special decorative roof structure or frontage type constructions, which require a specific design with curved or rounded profiles, which have to be lightweight and durable, sandwich panels are now a very credible option. Structures whose mechanical properties must fulfil certain expected levels of performance and be shaped to have certain specific profiles can be made with a sandwich solution, which is easy and economical to implement.

Given the grainy appearance of the classic models or the smooth appearance of the contemporary doors, HONYLITE offers an innovative combination for putting together a door with sophisticated technical specifications: the association of a honeycomb core and a skin.

These sandwich panels, which are as thick as traditional solutions and covered with a skin are much easier to move and handle given their very low weight. They also have additional benefits such as the absorption of vibrations, dimensional stability, shock resistance and good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Honeycombs can be used as an acoustic and rot-proof base layer, a shock absorbent layer for floors in private buildings or offices as well as in construction or renovation. HONYLITE offers a range of honeycomb products, which provide solutions to all of your technical and mechanical requirements.

Sandwich panels are currently used for domestic furniture, office furniture or store furniture, thanks to the use of innovative, economical and lightweight materials. The good mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability of sandwich panels associated with a HONYLITE honeycomb core, can be combined with all kinds of decorative laminates, in order to promote the creativity of its designers.

In the building sector, there are countless ways to use our sandwich panels with a honeycomb core. For example, they are particularly well suited for making substructures to reduce the load on kitchen worktops made in natural or artificial stone. HONYLITE offers a broad range of sandwich panels with skins which are glued to the honeycombs in the factory in order to make them easier to fit and ensure a longer service life and greater resistance to impacts and moisture.

The sandwich panel with a honeycomb core is an ideal product, which is used in the manufacturing and renovation process of lifts. Its low weight makes it possible to increase the maximum number of users in the lift and reduces the power required for the system to operate.

Mechanical reinforcements can be significantly reduced due to the fact that it is self-supporting. Sandwich panels offer low weight, water and moisture resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation and high mechanical performance. HONYLITE offers a range of finished core and sandwich panel products which provide solutions to the technical and mechanical problems encountered in a lift

The distinguishing feature of HONYLITE sandwich panels is the honeycomb core bonded between 2 skins, made for a variety of applications, such as internal partitions. Whether it is partitions for sanitary facilities and cloakrooms, which must be resistant to water and moisture. Fixed partitions which must stand the test of time or mobile partitions which are easy to move and dismantle. HONYLITE offers a broad range of honeycomb structural cores suited to your technical and mechanical requirements.
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