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Energy Absorption

Energy Absorption
HONYLITE provides a full range of crushable core as well as custom honeycomb configurations for a wide array of energy absorption applications serving many industries.

The basic concept of energy absorption is to take a moving object’s kinetic energy and convert it into internal work. The distance it takes to stop the object is a function of the load to which the object will be subjected. The longer the crush stroke the lower is the load.

Honeycomb works well as an energy absorber as it crushes uniformly at a known load, has a very long stroke, and has the highest crush strength-to-weight ratio of all the energy absorption materials.

Aluminum honeycomb is the core mainly used in energy absorbing situations. Commercial grade Kraft paper core has been used successfully in pallets for military airdrops. In the Gulf War in 1991, cargo planes would fly in low and drop equipment which was mounted on thick Kraft paper core pallets. The honeycomb would crush and protect the equipment from damage. This allowed equipment to be delivered where there were no runways.

Fiberglass and Nomex honeycomb cores are not usually used for energy absorbers due to their costs, but they could be as they do crush well. In fact, the fiberglass core has the greatest stroke, crushing more than 80% of its initial thickness. Aluminum core has a crush stroke between 70% - 80% of its height, depending on its density (lower the density, longer is the stroke).

Our engineers can help you specify a core type to fit your crush strength requirements, or can provide a custom product for your unique application. We will work with you to provide an innovative solution for your energy absorbing material needs.
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