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Today's rail technology requires lighter and stronger materials to enable the manufacturer to build structures that travel faster with reduced environmental impact.

HONYLITE has been a transportation panel specialist for several years. Built to your exact specifications, HONYLITE honeycomb panels meet the critical design demands for structural integrity, beauty and performance demanded by the public transportation industry. Our sandwich panels are used for many transit car applications including: floors, walls, ceilings, doors, seating, tables and specialty cabinetry.

Composites find major applications in passenger coaches for excellent structural properties and improved aesthetics. Indian Railways have already initiated actions for inducting composites especially in the coaches.

Benefits of using Honeycomb Panels:

Rapid construction
• Lightweight, modular interiors are easy to handle and install, providing man hour savings.

High stiffness and strength
• Honeycomb Panels are Durable, providing excellent fatigue, impact and environmental resistance. The noncorrosive materials reduce maintenance costs. High stiffness from structural materials reduces (even eliminates) supporting framework, increases passenger room, carries fittings readily. A modular construction (interchangeable panels) of composites is easy to handle & install and offers rapid fitting

Design flexibility
• The previously unimaginable becomes reality. Trains are designed for maximum performance, with optimum centre of gravity. Exteriors adopt aerodynamic profiles and interiors are designed with smooth, aesthetic contours, enhancing passenger comfort.

Passenger comfort
• Trains designed in composites are spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Weight placement optimization enables passengers to travel in greater comfort.

Weight savings
• Weight savings of upto 50% for structural and 75% for non-structural applications brings associated benefits of high-speed, reduced power consumption, lower inertia, less track wear and the ability to carry greater pay-loads.

• Lightweight sandwich panels are quick to install resulting in man-hour savings. Lighter trains require less power, and faster trains provide operational efficiencies. The multiple benefits of using composites add up to a cost-effective solution.

• Enhanced safety features include the incorporation of fire resistant materials, the adoption of energy absorbing honeycombs and the elimination of sharp, jagged edges in a crash situation.

Product & Services:
  • Exterior Doors
  • Internal Doors
  • Lightweight Floors
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Partitions and Corridor Doors
  • Toilet Modules
  • Catering and Galley Modules
  • Lightweight Table Tops
  • Energy Absorbers Driver Protection

Manufacturing & Assembly:
Our facility is dedicated to material processing, manufacturing and assembly of a wide range of lightweight panels and structures.
The modern facilities include:
  • Vacuum Bagging Presses
  • Cold & Hot Press
  • Honeycomb Expander
  • Metal Pre-Treatment
  • Adhesive Applicators
  • Composite Machine Shop
  • CNC Router
  • Cleanroom

Final assembly, NABL accredited testing facilities complement production to provide a complete solution.

Design & Validation:
We have extensive experience in design and validation. We can provide:
  • Initial Concept Designs
  • Material Development
  • Mock-ups
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Prototypes
  • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings

Refurbishment, Repair & Crash Damage:
From minor cosmetic repairs to complete overhaul, our refurbishment services can return products to their original specification. We understand that these repairs often need to be completed quickly to allow the train to return to service in the shortest time possible.
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